About Us


At AIRISH WORLD, we are inspired to create layers of beauty in you inside out. We truly believe… beauty is a blend of modesty and calmness that sparks the world.

Every design is crafted with 3 common goals in mind – PRACTICALITY, SIMPLICITY and QUALITY that shall leave a memorable Customer experience. In Shaa Allah.

We are based in Malaysia. 


At AIRISH WORLD, we are guided by these core principles.


Keep it comfy, simple and contemporary.


We are concerned with how climate change will impact our planet’s future. 

To support global calls for sustainability practices, where possible, we include recycle and eco friendly materials and produce in small quantities to reduce waste. 

Trust & Ethics

Artisans are our Partners. Our relationships are built on trust and ethical dealings. 

Serving Others

It is our aspiration to enhance the economic prosperity of minority women communities through crafting works outsourcing and skills upgrading.