Hair Oil Serum Rosemary Gojiberry

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Formulated using all-natural botanical oils, AIRISH Hair Oil Serum is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help nourish, protect and provide luster to hair and scalp naturally. This signature blend is nourishing to every hair type and thinning hair, helps strengthening hair roots restoring moisture lost and stimulate hair growth.






Coconut Oil –┬ácontains anti bacterial properties to promote healthy skin. Treat itchiness and dandruff. Act as natural emulsifier to blend well other oils and penetrate deep into scalp.

Camellia Oil – act as natural moisturiser and conditioner for a smooth, soft & easy to comb hair. Suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

Olive & Argan Oil – contains high anti-inflammatory properties to improve blood flows to hair follicles to strengthen hair roots.

Sesame Seed Oils – contains source of vitamins and minerals to help restore hair colour and reduce premature grey.

Rosemary & Gojiberry Essential Oil – Act as natural preservative. Effective to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Known to uplift mood, increase focus and relieve headaches.



Apply few drops to scalp and end of hair. Gently massage scalp to promote good circulation and absorption.

For problem hair/scalp, recommended to use twice daily.